Celebrity Big Brother's Hardeep annoys housemates but viewers are on his side

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Celebrity Big Brother’s Hardeep Singh Kohli is proving to be a controversial housemate.

As the new series gets underway, the comedian is getting on the housemates’ nerves – but viewers seem to be on his side.


Hardeep Singh Kohli is a British television and radio presenter, also known for both his comedy and cooking.

In 2009 Hardeep hit the headlines after he was suspended for six months from The One Show. He later apologised for ‘overstepping the mark’ following allegations of inappropriate behaviour.

“I was caught in the eye of a media storm and it was revelatory, as well as being awful. But mostly revelatory,” Hardeep said before entering the house. “I understand people are interested in what my life is like after coming out the eye of the storm, and I think people in my position often bang on about, ‘Oh, how awful my life is.’ I’ve had an amazing career.”

Days into the new season, and Hardeep has been at the centre of drama in the house.

In Monday’s show, he was involved in rows with Natalie Nunn over snoring and food. He was then the subject of criticism from both Roxanne Pallett and Sally Morgan.

“I think people are starting to laugh less… He hasn’t got the laughter track now,” Roxanne said.


Sally agreed: “I don’t really like how he talks to Chloe. “here’s something creepy about him.”

Roxanne added: “Nobody should ever make anyone feel uncomfortable. It’s a shame, it’s a real shame.”

Most viewers however were on Hardeep’s side, accusing viewers of picking on him.

“It’s uncomfortable To watch Natalie keep digging hardeep out & in front of people.. she best be careful before someone calls it bullying #CBB” one fan tweeted.

Another also supported him: “What the hell have they all got against Hardeep? I’m sorry but I really don’t think he’s a bad guy. He’s an affectionate person yes, but he’s no more affectionate with the girls than with the guys. I think he’s misunderstood tbh. ?? #CBB ”

“Ffs Natalie! LEAVE HARDEEP ALONE! How is he being so calm and nice with her? I would’ve gone mad at her by now! ?? #CBB x” agreed a third.


A fourth user added: “So easy to just label people when you don’t even know them. Shame on Sally and Roxanne for putting that label on Hardeep. #cbb”

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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