Celebrity Big Brother 2018 housemates think Roxanne Pallett is fake

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The Celebrity Big Brother 2018 housemates reckon Roxanne Pallett is faking her personality in the house.

In tonight’s show, some of the group question her over the top antics.

Speaking in the living area, Dan Osborne quizzes Gabby Allen and Natalie Nunn on who they think is playing up to the cameras.

And former Emmerdale actress Roxanne is the one they all seem to agree on.

“I think… I’m not bitching or being horrible but I think Roxy a bit, is constantly in a character rather than just relaxing than being herself,” Dan said.

Gabby suggests: “Maybe she is just like that.

“Everything’s so theatrical, but maybe that’s the way she is.

It’s not just the housemates that have been left flummoxed by Roxanne.

The soap star has been splitting viewers since launch night.

Former BBUK housemate Ryan Ruckledge tweeted last week: “Roxanne get down the stairs and through the f**king door, leave the acting on emmerdale don’t believe that little fiasco! #CBB”

Another viewer added: “Roxanne is doing my head in already wow #cbbuk”

But others were on her side.

“Roxanne seems like she’ll be good ? #CBB” tweeted @MollBBUK

“Roxanne seems lovely! She seems to have been through a lot too, and came out the other end well #CBB” another posted.

Elsewhere in tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother highlights, Natalie can’t stand Hardeep’s snoring while Kirstie talks to Gabby & Chloe about her fellow Hollywood actors and reveals she had ‘snacks’ with Prince Charles at Courtney Love’s house.

Meanwhile, Nick tells the housemates about his escape from Asia and his subsequent arrest, Dan offers Gabby a massage which is quickly refused and Jermaine and Hardeep discuss the Champions League.

Plus, the results of the ongoing presidency task are revealed.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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