Celebrity Big Brother 2018 housemates build a wall and Natalie Nunn is NOT happy

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The Celebrity Big Brother housemates must build a wall in tonight's show, as the American presidency task continues.

On launch night, Hollywood actress Kirstie Alley became Celebrity Big Brother's 'President' as the first celeb to enter the house. Coronation Street actor Ryan was named as vice president in a viewer vote.


In tonight's show, Big Brother sets the pair their latest task.

Kirstie explains to the rest of the group: "As your president I take the security of the Big Brother house and protecting its borders from the outside world very seriously.

"We have just received special intelligence which indicates several powerful outsiders are plotting to cross the Big Brother border and infiltrate the house in order to steal Big Brother's Green Cards.

"It's my presidential order that we build a wall. A great, great wall. The greatest wall the world has ever seen.

"A fail will be incurred every time an outsider is able to breach the wall and steal a green card."


As part of the task, Kirstie had to appoint a 'Head Of Defence' to oversee construction of the wall.

She chose Nick Leeson, explaining: "Nick has been in prison so he knows a lot about walls."

In the garden, housemates had to erect a wall made out of giant LEGO style bricks.

But Natalie Nunn was not happy with the task, or the reigning house president.

Complaining about Kirstie's political affiliations, she fumed: "I officially don't like the Big Brother house president."

As part of the task, housemates were told to guard the wall constantly.

"During a shift, if an attempt to steal a green card occurs, an on duty guard must alert Big Brother as soon as possible by pressing the red alarm button situated in the garden," explained Big Brother.


Throughout the day some 'familiar faces' tried to break in, including the Queen and Donald Trump (sort of...).

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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