Celebrity Big Brother viewers say Rodrigo should be REMOVED after use of N-word

celebrity big brother rodrigo

Some Celebrity Big Brother fans have called on Rodrigo Alves to be removed from the house.

It follows him receiving a formal and final warning by Big Brother - just one day into the new series.


So-called 'Human Ken Doll' Rodrigo was hauled to the Diary Room in tonight's show for using the 'N word' twice during a conversation with his fellow housemates on launch night.

Big Brother said: "Rodrigo before you entered the Big Brother house the rules regarding unacceptable language and behaviour were explained to you," explaining that his language was "highly offensive" to both viewers and other housemates.

Reacting, Rodrigo said: "Last night I was very excited to be here and I had quite a lot to drink. I was drunk, very drunk. Today I am very hungover and regretting that..."

But Big Brother interrupted: "None of that is relevant. That is not an excuse."

Big Brother continued: "Your language was totally unacceptable and is something Big Brother does not tolerate.

"As a result of your use of this language, Big Brother is giving you a formal and final warning. if you use this language again you will be removed from the house."


Some viewers feel Big Brother didn't go far enough, calling on Rodrigo to be removed from the house as others have been in the past.

"People have been kicked out for using that word before so why is he still there #cbb," one viewer quizzed.

"How has Rodrigo been allowed to stay in the house?!!! #CBBUK" a second asked.

Another added: "Probably should’ve ejected him. You’ve removed people before for the same actions."

Posted a fourth user: "Rodrigo needs to go now. You can't use language like that. And the neck on him to try to use alcohol or any other substance as an excuse. No. Just no. It's 100% unacceptable. #CBB #CBBUK"

Big Brother tweeted after tonight's show: "Big Brother does not tolerate the use of highly offensive, racially charged language in the House. Rodrigo has received a formal and final warning and if he uses such language again, he will be removed immediately.


"Rodrigo has apologised for his comments. #CBB"

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 highlights episode airs nightly on Channel 5.

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