Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Diary Room chair REVEALED!

Diary Room

The brand new Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Diary Room chair has today been revealed.

The new series kicked off and the penultimate aspect of the show has been revealed.


The new look Diary Room sees a large swirling, circular eye, which can change colour during nominations.

Earlier this week the full Celebrity Big Brother house was revealed, with a glam Hollywood inspired makeover.

Channel 5 explained of the new look: "Any celebrity wrapped up in a media storm needs a quick getaway from the pressures of the scrutiny and what better place to go than the sunny climes of California.

"The interior of the house is a paradise of tropical prints and Hollywood Regency flair.

"The exterior is reminiscent of a Palm Springs desert retreat where our celebrities can relax in a garden of cacti, succulents and a brightly coloured mid-century modern design. But how long the celebs stay relaxed in this retreat is, as always, up to Big Brother…"

Now all that's needed are the celebrities!

Host Emma Willis teased the line up: "When I heard a few of the names of the celebs coming on this year my jaw hit the floor!


"I think the theme is interesting because it is the eye of the storm so from what I believe we will see people who themselves have been in the eye of the storm be that either on the receiving or giving end. What will be really interesting is seeing the other side of the stories that we’ve not heard before."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on Channel 5.

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