True Love or True Lies results: Who's real and who's fake?

True Love or True Lies couples: Which are fake and which are real?

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Here are the latest results from True Love or True Lies, the new MTV reality show with at least £50,000 up for grabs.

True Love or True Lie sees several supposedly loved-up couples shipped off to sunny Tuscany in Italy, where they face a series of relationship tests.

However, not all of the romances will be real.

At least one of the couples are liars, who aren't in a real relationship. No one - including viewers and host Maya Jama - know how many couples are fake or who the liars are.

At the end of each episode all the couples must vote out another couple they think is lying.

Get it right and the prize fund increases by £10,000 but vote out a real couple and the extra cash is lost.

True Love or True Lies results

The current couples are original duo Cameron & Shereece plus recent newbies Carrie & Mike, Liv & Louis and 'thruople' Tomas, Cathy & Nicole.

Eliminated couples and results:

Jack & Luke - FAKERS
Billy & Nikita - FAKERS
Antoni & Sophie - REAL LOVERS
Chris & John - REAL LOVERS

Jade & Dee - FAKERS
Eleanor (Elle) & Charlie - REAL LOVERS
Olivia & Dan - REAL LOVERS

Therefore the prize fund currently stands at £80,000.

The one couple left standing at the end of the contest will take home the lot.

Speaking about the new series, Executive producer Sarah Tyekiff said: “If you’re real Lovers it doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you’re in, as long as you’re genuinely in love. For the Liars, well, anything goes.

“We’re confident the viewers are in for something totally different because they won’t be told who’s real and who’s fake.

“This show gives us real insight into modern-day relationships, people’s opinions of them, and a great play along at home.”

True Love or True Lies currently airs nightly on MTV at 9PM other than Saturdays.

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