Latest fired candidate on ''The Apprentice'' Zoe Beresford broke rules with forbidden love letter

Zoe BeresfordThe latest fired candidate on The Apprentice Zoe Beresford has revealed how she broke show rules by sending her secret love interest and fellow candidate Glenn Ward a love letter after he had been fired.

Zoe who was fired on Wednesday night's episode after the team she was PM for failed to recieve a single order for their biscuit product told the News Of The World that she left a love letter with his belongings for him to be able to read when he collected his stuff from the house.

She said: "When he didn't arrive back at the house from the boardroom I could feel myself welling up and when the cameras stopped I stormed out of the room and burst into tears. I had lost an amazing friend - and in that house they are hard to come by.''

She added: ''When someone is fired you are not allowed any contact - but there was no way I could let him leave without letting him know how I felt about him. I managed to steal a pen, and wrote a two-page letter on the back of a laundry form we had for our cleaning.''

''I told him how proud I was of him. Then I hid the letter in his washbag so he could read it when he had left. I had no idea whether he would get it and there was a big risk of being caught - but it was worth it." On discovering the letter, Glenn wrote back to Zoe and a trip skiing in The Alps lead to the hopefuls finally getting together, they are now discussing moving in together. On the romance, Glenn added: ''We are crazy about each other and definitely see a bright future together.''


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