Love Island 2018: Laura Anderson left red faced after her family visit

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Laura Anderson is left a little embarrassed after her family drop into the Love Island 2018 villa tonight.

In tonight's show, the Islanders are surprised by visits from their friends and family after eight weeks away.


Throughout the day, each of the Islanders receives a visit from two of their loved ones, and amidst tears and a lot of emotion, the families give their thoughts on the couples.

Laura breaks down in tears instantly as her dad David and sister Danielle enter the villa, and Laura is full of relief when Danielle gives partner Paul Knops her blessing.

Opening up in the Beach Hut, she admits: “My dad and sister are just happy for me because it’s a big thing for especially my sister to say that she likes a boy that I’m dating. She doesn’t like anyone that I’ve dated really to be honest.”

With the two families getting to know each other better, Paul’s sister Sophia asks the pair about their epic date.

As they discuss the date setting, Paul turns turn to Sophia and states: “There you go, wedding venue.”

Laura’s sister Danielle immediately responds “Calm down!” to which Laura replies: “Don’t say that to Paul, he’ll freak out.”

Correcting the confusion however, Paul responds: “I actually meant my sister’s wedding, because she’s getting married.”

Laura’s dad David meanwhile pushes the pair to put a label on their relationship: “Older people, we don’t understand something about life and growing up. When you go with someone and spend all your time with them, are you not meant to ask them out to be boyfriend and girlfriend? I don’t get this.”


Recalling the awkwardness in the Beach Hut, Laura explains: “My dad was trying to get Paul to ask me to be his girlfriend, I was like ‘dad’!”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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