Love Island 2018: Alexandra Cane exposed in surprise new task

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Alexandra Cane is left with some explaining to do on Love Island 2018 tnight.

In this evening’s show, the Islanders get another taste of what the outside world is saying about them in the latest villa Challenge.

A text arrives with the vital details: “Islanders, it’s time to hear what the outside world is saying about you in today’s challenge ‘Shake it Off.’ #readallaboutit #oursurveysays”

The Islanders are split into two teams where they have to guess the missing words in various media headlines.

Alexandra however is left mortified when a headline is read out exposing that she asked Paul to kiss her.

Keen to put the episode behind her, Alexandra is quick to confront the issue with Laura.

She explains: “I just wanted to pull you over just to talk about obviously the ‘I’d like to kiss you situation with Paul.’ I’m so embarrassed. I’m actually cringing at myself for even saying it. And I just wanted to sweep it under the carpet, because I can’t even believe in myself that I said those words.

“It was a throwaway comment of ‘I’d like to kiss you.’ I was giggling and I was like ‘I’d really like to kiss you’ but it was just a stupid throwaway comment. And then I was like ‘why did you say that?’ So, yeah, maybe I should have said something previously to you, maybe I was trying to erase it from my mind.”

Is Laura in the mood for forgiveness?

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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