Love Island 2018: Laura Anderson grills Paul Knops in lie detector test

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Laura Anderson grills Paul Knops on the lie detector in tonight's Love Island 2018.

The girls are given the chance to quiz the boys with their choice of questions.


'Original Laura' sees the lie detector test as a chance to ascertain Paul’s suitability for a long-term relationship, having already faced heartache and rejection from both Wes and new Jack.

Talking in the Beach Hut, Laura insists she’s hoping that the tests don’t throw up any nasty surprises: “I just feel like I’ve finally met a boy that I don’t have much drama with and now they’ve got a lie detector.

"I just hope that he passes the main ones that mean a lot to me because we’re at the end now, I’m here to meet someone that I could be with on the outside, if that’s not going to happen then what’s the point?”

However, with Paul’s tests underway, Laura watches on in trepidation as Paul faces her tough questions, which include:

- Would you be loyal to Laura on the outside?
- Are you genuinely attracted to Laura?
- Is Laura a better kisser than Britney Spears?

Explaining her reasoning behind going so in depth, Laura reveals: “When you’ve had people kind of dump you, then you feel not that attractive. It would just be nice to feel somebody really wanted me in that sense.”

As the situation becomes more and more uncomfortable, the disappointment on Laura’s face is clear to see.

She says: “The only reason I get upset is because I just don’t want to be embarrassed anymore. I want Paul to like me for who I am, fancy me, want to be with me, and not fob me off after three weeks. It’s just a recurring cycle of crap.”


With some of the answers not working in Laura’s favour, is she beginning to regret her line of questioning?

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2

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