Love Island 2018: Jack Fowler wants to reunite with Laura Anderson

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Jack Fowler wants to reunite with Laura Anderson in Love Island 2018 tonight.

Laura had previously cooled things off with Jack before trying to change her mind over the weekend.

He had originally turned her away – but now wants to reunite.

In tonight’s show, new Jack tells Charlie: “If anyone said to me right now ‘who would you rather, Grace or Laura?’ I would still say Laura and I’ve said that from the start because I feel like even though me and her aren’t romantic I still care about her.”

Charlie tells him: “There is something there with you and Laura, mate. I wouldn’t close the book on that.”

In the Beach Hut, new Jack says: “In the back of my mind, there is still unfinished business there with me and Laura because I do still care about her. On top of that, these two new boys don’t really help the situation. It is what it is.”

Later, new Jack tells Laura: “I’ve said to everyone that I do really care about you… I care about you in the right way. Like I care about you. I do really like you. I do fancy you.”

Laura says: “Just tell me what you want. Tell me how you feel. The last thing you said to me was ‘do you see a spark?’ and I said ‘yeah’ and then you went, ‘I don’t.’”

New Jack replies “I just tried to think too deep and too far into the future.”

In the Beach Hut, new Jack admits: “The last couple of days I have distanced myself because I’ve been confused but you can’t fight back feelings. They are there and a little bit more than I thought they were if I’m honest.”

The next morning, Laura debriefs with Dani and Ellie on what new Jack told her in bed last night.

New Jack and Laura are speaking on the daybeds.

New Jack admits: “I do love spending time with you but I think it’s not been straight forward for us. Last night, these two boys have come in. That for me was the worst time because anything I say now or do now you’re going to think he’s acting like this because two boys have come in. It’s not nice seeing people like Idris talk to you. There is jealousy there.”

Will Laura and new Jack decide to make a go of things again? Or is it too little too late for Laura?

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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