Love Island 2018: Laura Anderson tries to win back Jack Fowler just hours after dumping him

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Laura Anderson tried to win back Jack Fowler just hours after dumping him on Love Island 2018 tonight.

Laura had dropped Jack, telling him she didn’t see them working outside the villa.

Laura told Jack: “The past 24 hours, I just don’t really know if this is the right thing, me and you. I just feel like I need a bit more. Obviously you’re really attractive and we do get on but if I’m being honest I don’t really see on the outside, after the villa, how we would really work.

“Obviously you’re a lot younger than me and I don’t want to use age as a thing but I just think I have come in here to meet someone and I don’t want to settle and just try and I feel like I’m just trying… I don’t really want to play it safe and just go with it.”

But the next day, Laura seemed to have a change of mind.

It began when Jack got a text: “Islanders, tonight the boys will be cooking up a storm as they prepare a romantic three course dinner for you to enjoy in your couples. #CantStandTheHeat #CanAnyoneSmellBurning?”

Over dinner, Jack and Laura spoke about where they are. Laura said: “I have been today thinking ‘what have I done?’ I just don’t want to be mugged off.”

Jack told her: “I told you 100 per cent the honest truth.”

Laura admitted: “Today I missed you. I feel differently today and I feel it’s a lot to do with my insecurities of what’s happened to me.” She tries to take back ending things with him the previous night.

Jack replied: “For me, it’s a complete mind f**k. That must have been in your head for you to say that.”

Laura said: “I’m trying to tell you that I’ve been in that situation where I’ve been f****d over where my mate has taken the guy I’m with. I just felt like it was happening again so I wanted to take control of the situation… I’m trying to say sorry. This is hard. I fancy you. I like you and I’ve just f****d it.”

Laura told new Jack: “I do think I cut it short too soon. I do have feelings for you. I’m just being honest and true to myself.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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