Love Island 2018: Georgia Steel rages at Jack Fowler over their 'kiss'

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Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler continue to argue over their ‘kiss’ on Love Island 2018 tonight.

The pair have been involved in an ongoing row over who kissed who on their date last week.

It’s also dragged most of the other contestants in, leading to a massive argument on Friday night.

In tonight’s episode, new Jack is talking to Sam by the fire pit: “For me, I’ve only seen Georgia as a mate. We banter like hell, she is a nice girl and she is fit… but I don’t see Gee in that way. She is a nice girl but she needs to be tamed.”

Georgia then pulls new Jack aside to have a chat: “I think you’ve painted me out to be a liar and I’m really not. You’ve turned one of my best friends in the villa against me…

“If you can sit here now and tell me on that date the feelings weren’t mutual, we weren’t getting on, we weren’t flirting and we both kissed each other if you can tell me now it was one sided then I think you’re mad.”

New Jack says: “Well you’ll have to think I’m mad… You were on a different date to me then darling because I haven’t kissed you intentionally on your lips, I’m sorry if you feel like that.”

Georgia calls him a “coward.”

In the Beach Hut, Georgia maintains: “He is a liar. There I’ve said it. That’s me, I say what I think.”

In the Beach Hut, new Jack says: “I know in myself that I haven’t kissed her on the lips intentionally. I’m bored of the whole situation now.”

Later, Georgia and her current partner Sam talk in the kitchen.

She says: “I feel better.”

Sam replies: “It’s because you put Jack in his place. Move on now.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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