Love Island 2018: Did Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler kiss? Truth revealed!

Who kissed who?

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It all kicked off on Love Island 2018 over an apparent kiss between Georgia Steel and Jack Fowler.

The pair were said to have locked lips on their dating, leaving Jack’s current partner Laura Anderson fuming.

Georgia however played down the apparent kiss, prompting a huge row in the villa between most of the Islanders.

Ellie Brown, Wes Nelson and Dani Dyer all got involved – but what is the truth of the matter?

Well spin-off show After Sun has revealed all…

The video above shows the truth of Georgia and Jack’s kiss, from multiple camera angles.

Plus, it reveals how Wes never actually saw the couple lock lips like he claimed.

The rows all started when ‘new Jack’ brought up his date with Georgia with current partner Laura.

He said: “It was a nice date but I don’t really see it working with me and her and I did make that clear.

“Then when we got up to leave, I’ve gone in for a kiss on her cheek and she came in towards me straight on and she kissed me on the lips.

“Then she went for a two kiss thing and I pulled away the second time because I thought ‘This is so not what I need right now.’”

In the Beach Hut, Laura fumed: “I’m done with Georgia. I’ve been there for her but she is a little girl and I don’t rate her as a person anymore. I am gobsmacked and fuming.

“Again my mate – actually my best mate – has gone behind my back and tried to snog the guy that I’m coupled up with. I’ve just got over the situation with Wes and now Georgia is cracking on with Jack.”

Laura then confronted Georgia.

Georgia said she chose to take Jack on a date because she wanted to choose someone she could have a laugh and banter with: “But I said, however my loyalties lie with Laura because she is one of my best friends in this villa.

“I’m not ever going to jeopardise that ever. I don’t understand why you’ve been touchy with me all night.”

Laura replied: “So you didn’t try and kiss him then?… All you say is you’ve got loyalties. Taking out your best mate’s guy, telling me that it was purely because he made you laugh, then all of a sudden you fancy him, you’ve got a connection and you’re trying to kiss him. Now you’re denying trying to kiss him calling him a liar?”

Georgia then called Jack over. He says they did not kiss on the lips on purpose. He says to Georgia: “Unintentionally, we kissed on the lips. Agreed. After that kiss, you went in for another little kiss and I backed away. If you didn’t feel that or see that, I don’t know why.”

Later Laura told Ellie about Georgia lying to her. As Georgia walked past, Ellie said “it’s bulls**t” and Georgia tells her to “wind your neck in.”

Dani then got involved defending Georgia and saying in front of Laura: “Two people kissed for a reason! You can sit there and blame one person but two people kissed for a reason.”

Ellie then spoke up: “But then she shouldn’t have come back and said how loyal she is to Laura.”

Georgia storms off before Laura also walks away, upset at Dani sticking up for Georgia so much.

In the Beach Hut, Laura said: “Everyone always gets involved with everyone’s situation in here but choose your battles. If you don’t know and you weren’t there, then why would you think you would know over the people involved. What is going on?”

Love Island 2018 airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

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