Love Island 2018: Zara McDermott reacts as Adam Collard kisses Darylle Sargeant

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Zara McDermott says she’s feeling mugged off after Adam Collard kissed Darylle Sargeant on Love Island 2018 tonight.

In tonight’s show, it’s a case of look away now Kendall, look away now Rosie and look away now Zara. It looked as though Adam has moved on once again as he and Darylle shared a kiss – but can Darylle finally tame Adam’s lothario ways?

With the pair getting to know each other better throughout the day, Darylle wanted to get to the bottom of Adam’s feelings for Zara, questioning him on what he would have done had Zara still been in the villa.

He responds: “I think now looking at you, it would have been a very hard decision. I haven’t got a bad word to say about Zara. But I feel a lot more comfortable with you straightaway than with anyone else here.”

As the pair then kissed, Darylle admits she’s keeping an open mind with Adam: “He’s got a bit of a reputation for himself, I feel like I should be a little bit wary. But I feel quite happy with the situation.”

Adam also reflected on his latest pursuit, admitting: “It’s been super natural and it’s flowed. The way my chat and her chat naturally is, we just get on quite well.”

With the pair snuggled in bed together, Darylle asked: “You’ve literally had a girl a week. Do you feel proud of yourself?”

Adam retorted: “No. No actually not.”

Appearing on Love Island’s Aftersun tonight, July 1 at 10PM on ITV2, Zara reacts tot he scenes.

As she watches the pair sharing a bed together, and witnesses Adam telling her he’s not opposed to moving on, Zara declares: “I’ve been mugged off so bad.”

As Adam’s betrayal unfolds in front of Zara’s eyes, she admits “I can’t watch this, I actually can’t watch it”, before venting “Here we go again…Rosie part two.”

And when she sees Adam and Darylle’s kiss trailed ahead of tonight’s episode, she admits “How can he kiss someone so quickly?”

Zara will be interviewed by Caroline Flack live on tonight’s Love Island: Aftersun at 10pm on ITV2.

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