Love Island 2018: Laura rages at Wes and Megan after they share a bed

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Laura Anderson rages at Wes Nelson and Megan Barton Hanson on tonight’s Love Island after they share a bed.

Following Wes last night revealing to he had feelings for Megnm, the situation goes from bad to worse for Laura when Wes and Megan opt to spend the night on the beds in the garden.

As they walk outside, in full view of the rest of the Islanders, a stunned Laura proclaims: “They’re actually sleeping outside together.”

The following morning, when Jack ventures outside to prepare breakfast, he spots an intimate moment between Wes and Megan.

Explaining all in the Beach Hut, he reveals: “I’ve walked out there to make the tea, and I didn’t expect that. Staring out into the sunrise, back tickling. You just don’t do it like that. At least wait a couple of days. Wait a day, at least. If you’re that eager to get her on the day bed and tickle her back at least wait a day. Wes is doing what he wants but if I’m honest, he should have got an Oscar for some of the stuff he said in recoupling speeches.”

As Laura awakens and admits she’s “still in shock”, she too walks outside while Wes and Megan remain together on the beds.

Wes decides it’s best to apologise to Laura, although as he wonders over, she tells Jack and Dani: “I don’t want to speak to him. I’m not speaking to him.” ​

Wes’ efforts to clear the air are not met with a pleasant reaction from Laura: “I wanted to say sorry for last night. It was bang out of order what I did.”

Laura asks “Why did you do it then?”

Wes responds “This is what I’m saying, it’s a mistake. I didn’t mean it to come across cold, malicious like that.”

Laura questions: “What, sleeping in a bed with Megan?”

Wes replies: “That’s what I’m saying, it was a mistake. I should not have done it so soon. I’m really sorry for it.”

Laura declares: “I don’t forgive you.”

Wes reacts: “That’s fine, I just wanted to say it to you…”

Laura snaps: “To make yourself look better. OK, cool. You can go now.”

With Laura in no mood for forgiveness, she’s also indifferent when Megan makes an attempt to say sorry, telling the Beach Hut: “I knew it wasn’t going to be a heartfelt, sincere apology because she doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong.

“Or she would have spoken to me a lot sooner or given me a heads up before she went in on the guy I was coupled up with, so I’m not going to thank her, I’m not going to accept the apology, the same as I didn’t accept Wes’ apology. Because both of them would do the same thing again, so they don’t think that they’re in the wrong. I just don’t see the point apologising, it’s not real.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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