E4 plans new reality show following the antics of... young farmers!


Forget The Only Way Is Essex, Made in Chelsea, Gerodie Shore and whatever else MTV is planning to put on our tellys, E4 are reportedly set to one-up them with a new reality hit. According to The Sun the digital channel is planning a new take on the 'scripted reality' genre by targeting West Country farmers for a new series to air later this year.

"Fun-loving" agricultural workers in the West Country are being invited to try out for the new series, the tabloid reports. In a stark contrast to Made In Chelsea, the show's producers want to avoid "posh" people in the new format.

The newspaper says that producers are after "born and bred country folk who live and work within the farming community".


However just like Geordie Shore before it, the show already has its critics from the local residents.

Nick Creasy, county organiser of the Devon Federation of Young Farmers Clubs, told the paper: "We probably get something like two or three requests a month from television companies wanting young farmers for their shows.

"It's because farming is sexy and it's back on the agenda in a big way. That in itself is really good news for producers, but it does carry a risk of people jumping on the back of it.

"It concerns me if they are looking for a stereotype of the farmer, who speaks a certain way and might have certain opinions.

"I've nothing against shooting a good balanced view. I suppose it's all about the edit."

Executive producer Sarah Dillistone said: "We want to find the real characters of the countryside to show that rural living is anything but boring."

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