Love Island 2018: Laura brands Megan a "f**king s***" after she gets with Wes

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Laura Anderson branded Megan Barton Hanson a “f**king s***” on Love Island 2018 tonight.

In tonight’s show, it all fell apart for Laura and Wes Nelson after he ditched her for Megan.

Megan and Wes locked lips in a task, much to the annoyance of Laura.

She said: “I feel like me and Wes are getting really close on a friend level. And obviously I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find him attractive but I’m not going to step on anyone’s toes. He’s really happy with Laura, but I can still appreciate someone so I was like ‘yeah, I’m going to give him a kiss’.”

However Laura feared: “He’s told me before that he finds her attractive. When Megan was talking about not getting on with Eyal she’s mentioning that Wes was one of the boys that she had fun with.”

On the subject of Megan, Laura vented that she would be destroying any friendship she has with her if she chooses to pursue Wes: “Obviously if Megan’s going to lay it on with Wes, whether she spoke to me or she didn’t, I wouldn’t think it was OK. I wouldn’t accept it, if she did that, me and her wouldn’t be friends anymore.

“In my opinion, we are seeing each other. If you want to look elsewhere, you can do that and I’m not going to be waiting for you mate.”

Discussing the brewing animosity with Megan in the Beach Hut, Laura admitted: “If Megan did try anything with Wes, I would be absolutely fuming because Megan’s supposed to be my friend and Wes and I have been together from the start. I don’t want to make things up in my head and drive myself mad. Nothing’s actually happened, we’ve just played a game of almost like truth or dare.

Later on, just days after their ‘Doing Bits’ confession, Wes and Laura’s relationship was in trouble, as Wes seized a moment to speak to Laura about his attraction to Megan.

It ended with Laura storming off in tears, telling Wes: “I swear to f**k, do not speak to me. You’re a f**king p***k”

She then lashed out at Megan.

“Nice one Meg, cheers for telling me,” Laura said, “f**king sl*g.”


“Did she just call me a sl*g?” reacted Megan.

“Yeah I did, you stupid b***h,” added Laura.

The fallout from the drama will air in tomorrow night’s show.

Love Island 2018 continues Wednesday night on ITV2.

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