Love Island 2018: Megan rages at Eyal after he suggests she sleeps around

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There’s relationship trouble for Eyal Booker and Megan Barton Hanson on Love Island 2018 tonight.

Megan ends up fuming with Eyal after he puts his foot in it during a challenge.

But even before that, the pair’s romance seems to be on the rocks.

In spite of having become the first Love Island 2018 couple to take things all the way in the hideaway, cracks are begining to emerge in Eyal and Megan’s relationship when Megan becomes increasingly concerned that the only connection between the two of them is sexual.

As she and Eyal sit together in the garden, Eyal remarks on how they need to start having more fun in their relationship.


Irked by their conversation, Megan admits she’s been having doubts about their relationship over the past few days.

She tells the beach hut: “You can’t just tell someone ‘OK, let’s start having fun and having more banter.’ You either have it with someone or you don’t. And I haven’t voiced that but I’ve thought it for the last three days. I don’t know.”

In the Beach Hut, Eyal also acknowledges a void in their relationship.

He explains: “The physical attraction is definitely there, the sexual side is there, there’s other elements that are there but there’s just that fun, jokey, free, happy go lucky side that I kind of feel is still missing.”

The day’s challenge, a test of how well each couple knows one another, throws up further problems for the pair, when Eyal incorrectly guesses that Megan has slept with 37 men.

Visibly shocked by Eyal’s prediction, Megan fumes: “I’m not the most innocent of girls, but it doesn’t mean that I’ve gone around sh****** everyone I can. I was absolutely fuming. Just because I’m open and I say I enjoy sex, it’s 2018. I’m a woman.

“I’m allowed to enjoy sex if I want to but it doesn’t mean that I’ve slept with every Tom, Dick and Harry that walks in a bar. It’s just annoyed me so much. You’d think he would have a bit more respect for me.”


Plagued by doubts about their suitability as a couple, Megan raises further qualms.

She adds: “Although he does have a funny side, he’s quite serious a lot of the time, I just need someone to be a geek with.

“I feel like I always knew in the back of my mind that there was something missing. I thought ‘the closer we get, the more we hang out, the more natural and easy it will be.’ But it’s honestly not.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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