Love Island 2018: Eyal Booker and Megan Barton Hanson get passionate in the hideaway

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Eyal Booker and Megan Barton Hanson got passionate in the Love Island hideaway tonight.

It seems as though the couple were the first to go all the way in the villa, after being nominated for an evening in the hideaway.

Earlier in the day, Megan was informed that she and Eyal will be spending the afternoon wine tasting: “Megan and Eyal, you are going on a date. Please get ready to leave the villa #grapesfordates #lookingvine

Megan immediately expressed her excitement in the Beach Hut: “Two of my favourite things, wine and a hot guy. What more can a girl want? I’ve got a bit of butterflies, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

Meanwhile, Eyal remarked that he is apprehensive about what to expect: “I feel like a little boy, I feel like it’s the first date I’ve ever been on and I’m really excited. I’m kind of nervous as well.”

Megan Eyal
Megan Eyal

As the pair open up to one another, Megan admitted that her feelings towards Eyal were deepening: “I did question ‘is it just a physical thing?’ because you are really attractive and it’s hard for me, I go like a little girl, I start giggling.

“But I do think the more time we spend together, the more I get to know you and I feel comfortable around you, it’s nice just to hang out with you and be silly with you. I’m glad we had this chat, it’s made me feel a lot better. I feel like I won’t be holding back as much now I know you do actually want something.”

Upon their return to the villa, Megan told the Beach Hut she was feeling optimistic about her future with Eyal: “The date was really good. It was a chance for me and Eyal to get a little bit closer and ask him questions that I wouldn’t really ask in the villa when people are around us.

“I don’t want to come on too strong. I just really said how I feel, I’ve been hurt in the past, I didn’t want to be overbearing in any way. I think after today we’ve really chatted on a deeper level and we’ve got to know each other a bit better. So I’m excited for the future, I’m happy.”

Eyal also confided in the boys that Megan has provided him with the necessary reassurances: “I think for me it was more establishing where Megan is at, and the fact that she is into me and she does like me. My worry was that someone else was going to just walk in here and all of a sudden she’s going to be off. She kind of reassured me that that’s not the case and that she is into me.”

When the Islanders were told that the hideaway will be open for the evening, they are unanimous in deciding that Eyal and Megan should be given the reward.

megan eyal 2

Megan was looking forward to some alone time with Eyal: “It’s good to finally get the hideaway with Eyal. It’s been a long time coming. You do feel close and it’s a special moment when you’re both in bed together. So it will be nice to finally have some alone time.”

As the lights went out, the pair get passionate under the covers.

Love Island 2018 airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

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