Love Island 2018: Samira Mighty and Rosie Williams go head to head for new guy Sam Bird

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Samira Mighty and Rosie Williams go head to head over new guy Sam Bird on Love Island 2018 tonight.

As the two single girls in the villa, Rosie and Samira are overjoyed when word spreads that a new boy is en route, and quickly realise that they will be going head to head as they vie for his affections.

Samira is thrilled when she receives the news about Sam’s arrival, saying: “When I saw that text, I didn’t even read it properly, I was just skimming it, I saw ‘boy’ and I thought ‘Halleluiah’.”

For the newly single Rosie, Sam’s arrival could also secure her future in the villa: “I am excited that there’s a guy coming it. It’s also nerve wracking, because I’m just thinking ‘I hope I fancy him, I hope he fancies me.’ I just hope that he loves me, and I love him, and we live happily ever after.”

Discussing the competition between her and Samira, Rosie remarks that she is hopeful that they won’t let any rivalry over Sam come between them: “Sam and I are obviously both very excited that a new boy is coming in, we think it’s about time, we’ve been waiting long enough.


“Obviously there’s just one so it’s very bittersweet for me and Sam, because we are best friends in here. We’ve both agreed that whatever happens we’re going to be happy for each other.”

Chatting further as they prepare for the party, Samira remarks: “That’s what I’m scared about. I hope nothing comes between us. Obviously it won’t because we’re good friends. I’m always honest.”

Rosie is eager to reassure Samira and reminds her that they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves: “If we both like him, we both like him. At the end of the day, it’s not going to be our decision. It’s really not. So, whatever. It’s a bit of hope, and a bit of an opportunity for us. It’s just a little glimmer of light that we’ve been waiting for.”

When Sam does finally make his long awaited entrance, Samira is instantly taken by the villa’s latest serving of eye candy: “The new guy came to the villa. Sam, Sam…ira, but Sam. Its like meant to be!”

And Rosie seems equally smitten: “He’s obviously good looking, he’s got a cheeky smile, so yeah, first impressions he’s done well so we’ll see.”

As Rosie suggests they chat one on one, but their conversation is interrupted by Samira faster than you can say ‘two’s company, three’s a crowd.’

Discussing Samira’s interest in Sam, Rosie says: “Samira joined the conversation with me and Sam. Obviously that’s what we said we were going to do, we said we were both going to chat with him, so no competition. No worries, we’re going to go with the flow.”

Samira and Rosie go head to head.
Samira and Rosie go head to head.

Having spoken to Sam in further detail, Samira earmarks his potential: “I genuinely want to get to know Sam a lot more because he seems super fun, he kind of seems on my vibe, and I need some fun in my life in this villa because I’ve been very down and I need to be uplifted to the real Sam.”

The competition for Sam’s affections hasn’t gone unnoticed by the man himself, with Sam remarking: “I feel very wanted right now, so it feels good to be in my shoes. I’m going to talk to everybody, give everybody a chance, get to know them and see where it goes.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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