Love Island 2018: Adam Collard is 'done with' Rosie Williams after a sexy shoot

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Adam Collard has declared himself ‘done with’ Rosie Williams on Love Island 2018.

It follows Adam, Rosie’s current official partner, making a move on new girl Zara McDermott.

That ended in a tear-filled showdown between Rosie and Adam in last night’s episode.

Having spent two days mulling over her rejection by Adam, in tonight’s show, Rosie resolves to start afresh, and together with Megan, the pair dress up in some revealing lingerie, asking Laura to take pictures of them in the garden.

However, Rosie also reveals there is an ulterior motive to her actions.


She explains. “Normally if a boy p***** me off I would get smoking photos and post them all over social media to show him what he’s missing, but I’m just going to do it in front of his face.

“We’re women, if we want to take a photo of our gorgeous bodies, we will do.”

Watching on in perplexity, Adam remarks to Ellie that Rosie’s efforts are doing nothing other than repel him further.

He says: “They probably think boys are attracted to that, but boys actually find that the most off putting thing in the world. I’ve seen it all now, I’ve seen it all.”

Elaborating further in the Beach Hut, Adam admits: “If that was some sort of ‘hail Mary’ to try and draw my eyes back to her, it’s not really going to work.

“That sort of stuff does not pull my attention at all.”

Having decided to stay on the sofa rather than share a bed with Rosie, Adam informs Zara that Rosie’s behaviour is to blame.


He tells her: “I’m done with her. Obviously it’s not nice to see a girl cry, whoever it is about anything. I’m not going to apologise when someone speaks to me like that anyway.”

Speaking to the Beach Hut, Adam fails to accept any wrongdoing in the fall out: “Whether or not I fancy Zara, that’s not the point.

“The point is the way she spoke to me and the way she’s acted, and the insecure behaviour. That’s what pushed me away.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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