Love Island 2018: Laura Anderson rages at 'patronising' Wes Nelson

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Laura Anderson rages at Wes Nelson in Love Island 2018 tonight.

The cracks in Laura and Wes’ relationship begin to worsen this evening as Laura’s frustrations over Wes’ flippant remarks towards her lead to her spending the night alone and questioning whether they have any conceivable future together.

Having confronted Ellie over her own feelings for Wes, and being assured by Ellie that “My focus is on Alex now,” Laura finds herself engaged in another heated discussion with Wes when she justifies why she spoke to Ellie.

Laura says: “You don’t fancy Ellie and I’ve taken your word for that. You’ve told me you want to be with me, I’m happy as Larry. All I’m saying is, if I know or think that that girl has feelings as you, it’s just more difficult to live with and see. And I just want to be on the same page, so I just asked her ‘do you still fancy Wes?’ or ‘how are you feeling?’ I’m allowed to do that.”

But, with an increasing friction between the pair, Wes responds: “Yeah but that’s my problem to handle, I don’t think you need to stop someone from doing that sort of thing. You don’t need to fight my battles for me. If someone’s trying to crack on with me, you should be able to trust me. At the end of the day, you’ve got to remember Laura that we’re not in a relationship.”

Enraged by Wes’ insensitive comments, Laura vents in the Beach Hut and declares she won’t be sharing a bed with him for the evening.

She rants: “He is patronising. I’m fuming. I’m not sleeping in a bed with him. He’s having a go at me like I’m not dealing with myself in the right way. Are you serious? Grow up! It’s baffling.”

As the conversation continues, Wes urges Laura to trust in their connection, but also reminds her that their couple status is far from official.

He explains: “I would tell you honestly if she was flirting with me. I think you need to realise that we’re not boyfriend and girlfriend. And I’m not saying I’m trying to jump ship, I’m not saying I’m actively looking for other people to be with, but you can’t be really protective.”

Dissecting their fall out in the Beach Hut, Wes confesses that Laura’s reaction has led him to question their compatibility.

He says: “She’s not hearing what I have to say. She’s hearing, but she’s not listening. The way that she’s handled herself in this puts me off. Being confrontational puts me off. Not trusting me, puts me off.”

With things seeming irreparable, emotions run high for Laura, who storms off muttering “I’m exhausted, this is just too much. I don’t want to be here.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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