Love Island 2018: It's make or break for Wes Nelson and Laura Anderson

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It’s make or break for Wes Nelson and Laura Anderson on Love Island 2018 tonight.

With Laura sensing new girl Ellie Brown’s growing interest in Wes, she declares that she won’t give up on her man without a fight.

Having looked on as Wes enjoyed a date with Ellie, Laura speaks to Wes about their current situation.

She says: “In the villa if you care about someone, if there’s a situation where that person naturally feels insecure and jealous and are standing off in the nicest possible way to give you a chance to do what you want because they don’t want to suffocate you, I think it is your position to make an effort with them.

“If I stand off from you to give you space. I know I don’t need to but that’s just me and that’s the way I want to be so I just want you to respect that.”

Laura and Wes
Laura and Wes

Wes replies: “When you said you were standing off today, I was like ‘I’m not going to chase you around the gaff just because you think I was being off with you.’ Literally today I went about my normal villa life.”

Laura insists: “No you didn’t because if you were being on your normal villa life you would have come up to me more.”

Wes claims: “The motive for you standing off was so the girls wouldn’t feel pressure to talk to me. Yes? Brilliant. So if the girls come and talk to me then why would I go and chase you because you’re standing off.”

Laura snaps: “We’re literally getting nowhere.”

Wes reacts: “I just didn’t think you needed to stand off.”

Laura adds: “I’ve just told you why! I respect your situation here. I’ve done the mature thing. You have been standoffish to me whether you think it or not. I only started that in the afternoon because you were off with me in the morning like you always are. You’re always in a mood in the morning.”

Both then retreat to the Beach Hut to offer their own insight into their recent troubles:

Wes declares: “We had a complete difference of opinions and I still have a complete different opinion with Laura. It did get heated. Not to the point where we’re screaming at each other, but to the point where we couldn’t see eye to eye. I still don’t see eye to eye.”

The next morning, whilst confiding in Dani, Laura admits she is beginning to lose faith in the relationship with Wes.


She says: “I can just see us clashing. I can’t be bothered with it Dan. I thought we were on the same wavelength but when it comes to discussing our relationship, clearly we’re not. I’m not going to invest in someone that I don’t see a future with, I’ve got no time for that. As soon as you start arguing with someone that’s what your relationship becomes.

“If you’re not making me feel good and happy with myself, why would I want to be around you? We shall see, I’m not going to hold my breath if I’m honest.”

Laura tells the beach hut that the next 24 hours could be crucial: “Today is definitely make or break. If he’s sulking or in a mood and he doesn’t give me any affection and isn’t being fun and making me feel like a priority I’m not going to waste my time with someone who makes me feel like s*** about myself.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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