Love Island spoiler! Alex George gets a kiss from Ellie Brown

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Love Island 2018’s new girls Ellie Brown and Zara McDermott go dating in tonight’s show.

Fresh from their entrance on Sunday night’s show, yesterday evening Ellie got a text which she read to the Islanders: “It’s time to play the field.

“Tonight you will have dinner with three boys of your choice. One boy will prepare the starter, one will prepare the main course and the third boy will prepare dessert. Please now make your choices #dishydates #whosonthemenu”

Ellie deliberated who to pick before announcing she would like Josh for starter, Wes for main course and Alex for dessert.

In last night’s show we saw Ellie receive her first two courses, before Alex’s date in this evening’s episode.


He tells her: “I’m chuffed. I think to be honest, I think it’s no secret from what I said to the boys and everyone really, when you came down the stairs I instantly felt an attraction towards you, and a connection and things. I think from talking to you, you’re very engaging, you’ve got beautiful eyes, you’re obviously very attractive.

“I think you’re a really nice girl. I get the impression that you are just a really open and honest, really nice girl.”

Having declared “I think you’re gorgeous”, Alex moves in for a kiss….

He tells the beach hut afterwards: “I’m feeling really great about Ellie right now. I think after the kiss, I wanted to flip the table, off course I just took a sip of the wine instead. It was a great feeling. I just kind of felt that it was right and just seized the moment really.”

Alex continues: “I’m feeling really optimistic about things with Ellie, I think it’s early days but I think she’s got a lot of the things that I would want. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t think she could be someone that I’d feel that way with. Only a few days ago I was nearly going home and I was staring into the lovely eyes of Caroline Flack but for the wrong reasons.

“I’m glad just to still be here, and now a few days later I’ve got the opportunity and I’m getting to know someone that we both like each other and there’s a lot of features I like in Ellie, so it’s a good position to be in.”


Of course whether or not it’ll lead to a coupling remains to be seen.

Also last night, Ellie’s fellow newbie Zara McDermott had three dates to select.

Zara chose Alex for starter, Eyal for main course and Adam for dessert.

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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