Stylist Grace Woodward to host new lifestyle-reality series Chick Fix on Sky Living


Putting an empowering spin on the traditional 'makeover show', Sky Living HD's new lifestyle-reality series Chick Fix takes a look at real women with real problems and aims to help them from the inside out. The new series, which starts on July 12 at 9PM, is hosted by X Factor stylist Grace Woodward.

Each week the series will see four successful women with very different dilemmas enter the Chick Fix retreat in the hope of overcoming an issue or achieving a goal. Whether it be striving for a promotion, starting a business, bettering a relationship or just regaining some confidence, the women all want to make big changes to help steer their lives in the right direction. From life-changing decisions to niggling worries, no problem is too big or small.

As the women reveal their problems to each other, they find help and encouragement from an experience shared. With advice from a top team of experts, will the women find the strength to confront their issues head on and change their lives for the better?

Helping them along their way are our in-house team of experts, led by stylist-to-the-stars Grace Woodward - who will be lending a friendly ear to the women and guiding them throughout their experience. Also on board to offer their services are a host of relationship advisors and career experts, plus our glamorous makeover team including Kate Halfpenny (who has styled, among others, Kate Moss and Daisy Lowe), make-up artist Cassie Lomas who has previously worked with Lady Gaga, and celebrity hair stylists Stephen Glendinning and Kevin Fortune.


Throughout their stay the women will be set 'homework tasks' by the experts and their fellow participants, before returning to the house and reporting on their progress. And there's sure to be some genuinely moving and inspirational moments as they work towards achieving their end goal.

And the women will walk out of the house with a new perspective – and a new look.

Every episode will get to grips with very different dilemmas from women from all walks of life. In the series we will meet Suz, a 40 year old grandmother who has to decide whether or not to ditch her cougar lifestyle and start dating men her own age. Layla, a former beauty queen is a serial dater who can have up to 10 guys on the go at any one time, and wants to understand why she panics at the thought of being single. Student Emma is £50k debt and in urgent need of some financial advice, whilst Sharmila is at a cross roads – should she continue working in finance or give up her career to work in the fashion industry?

Chick Fix presenter Grace Woodward commented: “Chick Fix works with the theory that a problem shared is a problem on it's way to being solved. The series is warm, empowering and at times highly emotional Inspired by the power of female friendship, CHICK FIXis women doing it for themselves, on their terms and wearing high heels if they damn well like!"

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