Love Island 2018: New girls cause a stir as the boys' heads are turned

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The new girls cause a stir when Love Island 2018 returns to ITV2 tonight.

Last night saw Ellie Brown and Zara McDermott drop into the villa, while the rest of the girls were out to dinner.

In this evening’s show, the ladies return to meet the newbies.

Alex wastes no time in getting to know the new girls and speaks to them to see how they’re feeling.

“There was a lot more of a cold reception than I thought it would be,” Zara says to Ellie’s agreement. Zara adds: “I think it’s territorial.”

Rosie talks to Adam about how she feels following Ellie and Zara’s arrival.


“I just got a bit shakey,” she admits to him.

Adam tells her: “We asked who she was into, who she would go for and she wouldn’t answer… I haven’t really said much to her at all.”

“I’m just asking. Obviously I said I’d rather you be honest,” Rosie questions Adam’s feelings towards Zara.

“Obviously she is an attractive girl I mean, she’s not really far off you the way she looks, for my sort of type. But I haven’t said two words to her. I’ve invested a lot into you so I wouldn’t worry at all,” Adam tells her.

In the Beach Hut, Adam says: “Rosie knows my type quite clearly – brown hair, good looking. Rosie fits that mould. So does Zara.”

Meanwhile, Samira and Alex talk about Ellie. Samira seems concerned Ellie’s arrival may leave her without Alex. Samira says she wants him to be happy… but cautious.

Samira tells Alex: “If you came up to her in a club I don’t know if she’d turn around… because she looks like some type of girl.”

“I don’t know what you mean when you say ‘she looks like some type of girl,’” Alex quizzes.

Samira says: “I’m just saying a scenario… If a boy came in and he was on me, I’d be like, ‘Hmmm is that just because I’m single?’”

In the Beach Hut, Samira admits: “Obviously we are the single ones, bombshells will come in and it’s the easy option to go for Alex and I because everyone is super comfortable in their couples and super happy. I just don’t want to see him get hurt and that was my main thing for Alex.”

Later, Samira talks to some of the others about the situation.

Josh tells her: “You’re being a bit frosty. It’s Alex’s opportunity… This is his time right now, he has his opportunity. I understand that you feel at risk, a bit nervous, it’s rubbish to see the guy you are coupled up with, your life line in this villa [move on] because these two girls have come in. It’s a risk for you I get it.”

Samira tells him: “I’m not that stressed, I’ve said from day one… I want him to find someone, he wants me to find someone and the fact is he feels bad because he wants to crack on with someone who he feels likes him but I’ve not been nasty or said anything.”

Alex and Adam
Alex and Adam

Meanwhile, at bedtime Laura Anderson asks Wes Nelson if he fancies Ellie.

Wes tells her: “I said she’s a good looking girl but every girl in this villa is attractive.”

“So you fancy all the girls including me the same?” Laura asks him.

“I’m not saying I fancy all the girls the same. I appreciate everyone’s beauty but there’s no one I fancy as much as you,” he tells her.

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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