Love Island 2018 spoiler: Wes Nelson to dump Laura Anderson?!

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Wes Nelson and Laura Anderson have a big falling out in Love Island 2018 on Monday night.

It follows Wes hinting he was interested in new girl Ellie Brown.

Ellie is a 20-year-old from Newcastle who describes herself as “cute but psycho”.

She joined the villa on Sunday night and Wes described her as his perfect type.

In a preview shown in Sunday’s Aftersun spin-off, Wes was seen complaining about Laura.

Ellie Brown.
Ellie Brown.

Speaking to the other guys about her, he said: “That makes me want to f**king jump ship, it pisses me off.”

Will Wes ditch Laura for new girl Ellie?

Ellie joined the villa with Zara McDermott, a 21-year-old from Essex who says she’s “definitely a catch.”

Both made quite the impact on the boys, specially single Alex George.

But Adam Collard too made a move on Zara, despite being currently coupled up with Rosie Williams.

He said: “I’m not going to beat around the bush, Zara fits the type of girl I do fancy.

“I think people in here forget that coupled up doesn’t mean you’re in a relationship until you have that talk.”

In Monday’s show, the new girls will get the chance to know the guys further as they enjoy a round of dates.

Ellie said: “I’m a Geordie – us Northeners have a lot of banter. It’s all been quite dramatic so far in the villa. I’ll stand out because I can bring some light hearted, fun, energy. I’m not a hard person to get on with. I could talk to a piece of paper if it would speak back. I’m a cheeky Geordie with loads of energy.”


“I don’t have a type. My two ex boyfriends are so polar opposite, it’s unreal. One was muscly, tall. The other was not much taller than me and a bit older. I’m not looking for anything specific. If they make me happy, they’re for me, and if they don’t, they’re not for me.”

Zara added: “I want to meet someone I can vibe and connect with. Someone who can keep me on my toes.

“I really like Adam, he’s very attractive. In terms of longevity though, Alex has a lot of potential. But I need to get know him more though – I don’t think we’ve seen how fun he can be. Maybe I can bring that out in him!”

Love Island 2018 airs nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.

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