Love Island 2018: Georgia Steel is annoying everyone in the villa

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Georgia Steel’s antics on Love Island 2018 aren’t winning her many friends.

Georgia’s playful and spontaneous nature might have caught Josh’s eye but it’s beginning to rub the other girls’ up the wrong way.

In tonight’s show, with the couples expressing their delight at having stayed in the villa following Hayley and Charlie’s departure, Georgia jokingly comments: “Literally I can’t wait to get my head turned, it’s going to be dead exciting, don’t you think Meg?”

Megan fails to see the funny side in Georgia’s remark, as she later declares in the Beach Hut: “Georgia’s comment really threw me. We’ve just been saved and you’d think you’d appreciate the time in your couple and you’d be happy, and already she’s like ‘I hope there’s boys in next because I can’t wait to have my head turned.’

“I just thought that was a bit odd. I heard Josh sigh, but he didn’t really say anything or kick off. I think it was just really weird timing.”

Georgia then begins to irritate the other Islanders when she asks Adam to give her a series of dares to play. Having rubbed sun cream into Jack’s back in full view of a confused Dani, she then pours water all over Laura.

Offering his own take on Georgia, Wes admits: “Georgia, she’s completely harmless. A bit like a little Jack Russell. Then she doesn’t stop. You can tell her to do anything. That’s her immaturity. It’s hilarious letting little Jack Russells run round the gaff all the time but just a bit annoying.”

Eager to play Georgia at her own game, Laura initiates her own revenge plot: “Georgia’s on one. She’s winding everyone up. She threw a cup of water in my face, so I filled up a condom with water, like a water bomb.”

When Georgia attempts to play a second dare on Dani, Dani snaps: “Go away. I mean it George. I honestly do. Honestly George, mate, you’re getting on my nerves. George, seriously. Guys, what are you doing? This is annoying.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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