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Channel 4's new naked TV show is on a quest to make us feel better about our bodies.

Continuing tonight - April 25 at 8PM - Naked Beach will use science to encourage body positivity.

Each week three people who all suffer from a major lack of body confidence join a returning cast of near-naked body positive Brits of varying shapes and sizes on a sun-soaked island.

The 'Guests' with critically low body image jet off to a sunny Greek retreat to live with the group of unclothed, body confident 'Hosts', who have little more than elaborately designed body paint to cover their modesty.

It follows studies by Dr Keon West of Goldsmiths University showed that people’s body image, self-esteem and life satisfaction could be vastly improved by seeing more normal, naked bodies (as opposed to media-perfect ones) and spending more time with our own naked bodies.

Alongside the naked cast, who rely on little more than elaborately designed body paint to cover their modesty, the series will see Dr Keon and body image and mental health campaigner Natasha Devon MBE overseeing the bespoke retreat.

Naked Beach cast

The cast of naked 'hosts' - and their Instagram handles - include:

In tonight's third episode, Helen learns to let go of what others think of her body; Steven realises confidence is a state of mind; and Mike begins to embrace his body after years of hating himself

Naked Beach airs Thursdays at 8PM on Channel 4.

You can catch up and watch episodes online via the All4 player.

Vivienne Molokwu, Commissioning Editor for Features at Channel 4 said, “Negative body image is reported to be a major contributing factor to problems including depression; substance misuse; eating disorders; participation in school and progression at work. The Beach (w/t) is an unashamedly bold attempt to tackle this nationwide health issue.”

Rosie Bray and Lucy Golding, producers at programme makers Barefaced, added: “We’re delighted to be bringing body positivity to C4 in such a playful way and by showcasing real bodies, that viewers rarely get to see and presenting the naked form as normal we hope to promote discussion around this very important issue, whilst entertaining the socks (and everything else) off the audience.”

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