Love Island 2018: Eyal Booker and Alex George fight for Megan Barton Hanson

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Eyal Booker and Alex George both make a move on Megan Barton Hanson in tonight’s Love Island.

After entering at the end of last night’s show, this evening Megan gets to know the girls. Samira asks her relationship history.

Megan tells them: “Two years I’ve been single so it’s been a long time. I’ve seen guys on and off but nothing serious. I kind of like the Doctor… Alex.

“I feel like everything keeps going wrong for him I just want to give him a hug and be like ‘babe, don’t worry.’ Then I thought Eyal is hot.”

Alex tells Georgia how he feels about Megan: “She is absolutely beautiful isn’t she.”


In the Beach Hut, he admits: “Maybe I am blushing a bit… She’s actually really nice and I like that.”

And speaking of competition, Alex pulls Megan aside for a chat but moments later, Eyal interrupts.

In the Beach Hut, Alex says: “I’m surprised that Eyal approached in that situation, it wasn’t as if we’d been there for 20 minutes, half an hour, I’d literally been with her for a few moments and he just came on over. That didn’t sit so well with me.”

Later on, Megan gets the chance to date a trio of the guys in the villa.

Megan chooses Niall for her first date. Megan tells Niall, “There were other boys I could pick but I wanted to pick you because I found you attractive.”

For her second dates, Megan chooses Eyal.

Having not been chosen for Megan’s second date, Alex is getting worried back in the villa. He tells Samira: “Megan has had two picks so far. I’m a bit worried about whether she is going to pick me or not going to pick me. I’m really hoping that she will. I want to have a chance to see what could happen.


“I feel like when we had a chat earlier on, Megan and I had a connection. But whether she feels the same, I don’t know. I feel frustrated, it’s been quite a journey here so far and I just want a break… If I don’t get picked in this scenario, I don’t know where I’m at on this Island.”

Megan tells Eyal, “I like nice curly hair so you’re winning there.” Later in their date, they share a kiss.

For her final date, Megan chooses Alex. Will he turn her head?

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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