Love Island 2018: Eyal Booker has had enough of Hayley Hughes

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Eyal Booker has had enough of Hayley Hughes on Love Island 2018.

Ahead of tonight’s first recoupling, Hayley has made no secret over her fears about being dumped from the villa.

As she sparks a sudden interest in Eyal, he remains dubious over her true motives, and begins to question his plan for the recoupling.

Talking through Hayley’s surprising change of character over the past 24 hours, Eyal remains unconvinced: “Hayley has been showing me a little bit more attention and trying to get to know me more over the past day or so.

“It’s been nice but at the same time I’m not sure whether it’s genuine so that in itself is just a little bit confusing.”


Chatting to the other boys, Eyal outlines his views on Hayley and her recent behaviour: “As soon as Hayley saw me kiss Kendall yesterday, she’s completely changed her tune. Her whole vibe towards me. In the sense of just trying to get to know me and actually acknowledging me and giving me the time of day.”

In the Beach Hut meanwhile, Hayley addresses her new approach towards Eyal: “He feels like he’s the one with me that’s making the effort and maybe that is the case but obviously I just need to get to know him more as a person before you rule anything out. But it’s nice to show interest in a person and get to know them.”

Eyal is not about to be easily swayed by Hayley though, keeping his guard up as he remains suspicious that Hayley is only trying to save her place in the villa, and he becomes more wary when Hayley jokingly remarks that she loves him after the recoupling is announced.

Ee explains: “Now I’m in this position Hayley has started to show me some interest and in a sense it’s too little too late, because it makes me question ‘why are you all of a sudden showing me this interest’ because you know that recoupling is potentially coming up and other people might be happy in their couples and not really interested in you.

“I’m not sure I want to be with someone that didn’t give me a chance at the beginning. Because I think that does say a lot as a person.

“My gut is telling me that Hayley is not genuine. Even what she just did outside when the text came through and she ran up to me and said ‘I love you’ and gave me a hug and it’s like ‘are you serious?’


“That doesn’t sit well with me. I actually find it quite insulting more than anything, to be honest.”

With the power resting in Eyal’s hands, Hayley reflects on her predicament: “I’m not even going to stress about it. You can’t change the situation, so I’ll cross that bridge when it comes to it.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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