Love Island 2018: Laura Anderson and Wes Nelson share a first kiss

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Laura Anderson and Wes Nelson share a first kiss on Love Island 2018 tonight.

The pair coupled up on the first day of this year’s series but hit an immediate setback when new guy Adam Collard dropped in.

But after he chose to couple up with Kendall Rae-Knight over Laura, it seems she and Wes are now back on.

In tonight’s show, Laura tells Samira: “When we were all sat by the fire pit last night he put his arm around me. And I liked it. Then in my head, I thought ‘I do fancy him.’

“And then I thought straightaway ‘I wonder if tonight in bed we might have a little spoon. And then I thought ‘right, don’t get carried away.’

Laura and Samira
Laura and Samira

Laura continues: “So then when we got into bed, I did kind of turn around, but I kind of sleep like that anyway. I thought ‘we’ll kind of see what he does.

“And then he did proper come in and spoon me, and I liked it. And then he held my hands. And then we fell asleep like that.

Speaking to cameras in the beach hut, Laura adds: “He’s so cute and affectionate and that’s what I really like, and he’s always hugging me when I’m cold. And it’s like little things isn’t it. It’s just caring, and you need that when you’re in here.

“And I kind of, oh God this is so cringe, but I can’t wait to get into bed and have a little snuggle and fall asleep. Like, I genuinely do want to do that.”

Later, as he and Laura share a clandestine moment together, Wes comes clean about the extent of his feelings towards her.

He spills: “If you didn’t step forward would I have chosen you? God’s honest truth, yeah I would. You’ve ticked every box. I’m not just saying that as well. Your eyes are daft. They are daft. Your personality, you’re so sweet. It’s hard to find someone genuine and nice.”

Laura replies affectionately: “You’re so cute. I feel the same. I’m happy.”

The pair share a passionate embrace on the bed.

Wes and Laura
Wes and Laura

Wes tells the beach hut after” “I’m feeling really good about Laura, and I think she’s in the same boat as me. We’ve finally agreed we’re on the same page. I think it’s going to progress gradually and hopefully goes into something that’s long term.”

However, as two new girls enter, he adds: “We’re on Love Island, not Loyalty Island. We’re here to find the girl of our dreams, not to stick with the girl that we’ve been partnered with from the start, that’s the point of it.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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