Love Island 2018: New girls Georgia Steel and Rosie Williams make their entrance

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Love Island 2018’s new girls Georgia Steel and Rosie Williams made their grand entrance tonight.

In this evening’s episode, a surprise text arrived informing the group of the impending new arrivals.

“Boys, tonight two new girls will enter the villa and you will host welcome drinks #fixuplooksharp #gamechangers,” read the text.

Suspicions quickly began to mount amongst the five original females Dani, Samira, Laura, Kendall and Hayley that one of them is soon to get the boot when they learned that their two love rivals are on their way.

Samira was immediately concerned is that her lack of chemistry with Alex could leave her place in the villa in jeopardy: “I’m like, this is a game, this has to happen, but I’m a bit worried about my place here now.”

The original girls watch on
The original girls watch on

Dani and Hayley were also feeling apprehensive, with Dani stating “I feel like we’re so vulnerable. I’m not going to worry because if this is my last few days in here at least I’ve enjoyed myself.” Hayley also admits “I’m in a very vulnerable situation right now.”

As Georgia and Rosie walked in and meet the boys, the girls watched on from the upstairs terrace, less than impressed at the activity going on beneath them, as Samira proclaimed: “I don’t like this at all” and Dani declares “I feel like I’m watching my boyfriend cheat on me.”

The situation worsened when they overheard Georgia announce she is a drama student, with fellow performer Samira admitting: “Now I feel jealous, I feel weird. I hope she wasn’t on the West End.”

It appeared Georgia quickly ruffled the other girls’ feathers as Samira continued: “She’s ballsy. She would nick your man. She would take him from your table and buy him a drink.”

The boys however were more optimistic about the sudden developments in the villa, none more so than Alex, who felt the new arrivals could prompt a U Turn after his recent romantic woes: “From the start I’ve had a fairly rough ride. I’d like to think I deserve a break and a bit of good luck and meet a nice girl.”

Niall meanwhile was hoping the new girls would cause shock waves after being left single when Adam stole Kendal: “What I hope is for drama, I hope it goes off, I hope all the girls lose their heads and things just get a bit lively in here.”

 Rosie and Georgia arrive in the villa. The Boys are excited to meet them as the Girls watch on.
Rosie and Georgia arrive in the villa. The Boys are excited to meet them as the Girls watch on.

As the new girls got to know the six guys, two new texts arrived for two of the boys.

Following a public vote to determine which two boys have won dates with the new girls.

Niall was paired up on a date with Georgia while Alex was sent on a date with Rosie.

Love Island 2018 airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

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