Love Island 2018 drops its first big twist as new series kicks off

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Love Island 2018 gets underway tonight and there’s a big twist in the first recoupling.

In this evening’s opening episode, we meet the new Love Island 2018 contestants as they enter the villa.

As the bevvy of beauties Samira, Laura, Kendall, Dani and Hayley get to know one another, host Caroline Flack makes her entrance, preparing to preside over the villa’s first coupling up.

With the girls waiting in line, hearts are about to flutter as, one by one, the boys walk in eager to impress and bag themselves a summer soul mate.

The girls are instructed to step forward if they like what they see, and as the game of love gets firmly underway, a few egos are about to be left bruised in the process.

The Boys chat.
The Boys chat.

With the five matches finally made, Caroline declares: “We have our five couples. The choices you’ve just made could decide how long you stay in the villa. In your couples, you’ll spend time getting to know one another, taking on challenges together, living together and even sharing a bed together. Sound good, is it too soon to spoon?”

But of course, there’s an immediate spanner thrown into the mix as Caroline declares – “It almost seems a shame to complicate things, but this is Love Island.”

Throwing their first obstacle on their eight week path towards true love, the sixth, and arguably most eye catching eligible male, walks into the villa, and heads are immediately turned.

Caroline then explains that, in order to stay in their couples, the boys are going to have to go into grafting overdrive: “In 24 hours, he will be coupling up with one of your girls, leaving one of you single and vulnerable. Because you know the rules. To stay on Love Island you have to be in a couple. I’m going to leave you lot to get to know each other.

“Don’t forget in eight weeks time the public will be voting for their favourite couple. That couple could stand to win a massive £50,000 and be crowned the winners of Love Island 2018.”

As the first sun sets upon the villa, one pairing is about to be very consciously uncoupled, as the sixth boy chooses who he wants to steal.

The Islanders get to know each other.
The Islanders get to know each other.

With the Islanders gathered nervously awaiting his verdict, he gets up ready to make his declaration: “It’s not easy coming in as the sixth boy, especially as the last islander coming in, and having to essentially take one of the girls off one of the boys, but I’m sure you boys would all have to do the same in my position.

“The decision that I’ve made is based on the chats that I have had. I’ve tried to get to know all of you one by one.”

Love Island 2018 airs at 9PM on ITV2 tonight.

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