Geordie Shore cast make Jersey Shore girls "look like nuns" says Jersey stylist!


The stylist of Jersey Shore has claimed the girls of UK spin off Geordie Shore make their American rivals "look like nuns" with their wild, drunken antics. Olivia Blois Sharpe, who also has her own reality series - Jerseylicious, told buzz most of the UK wouldn't be allowed on US telly!

The comments come after it's revealed that Geordie Shore has been renewed by MTV for a second series, despite complaints from local residents fearing the show is damaging the area's reputation.

Olivia said: "Those girls [on Geordie Shore] make the likes of Snooki and JWoww [from Jersey Shore] look like frickin' nuns. It's Jersey Shore times a million.

"It's so much crazier and raunchier. I watched it with my jaw to the floor. I don't think half of it would be allowed on US television, but would definitely be a hit of it had subtitles."

However the 23-year-old US tell star accused 'our lot' of pinching the style from the original American show. "Their look has definitely being inspired by us, because I can see a lot of the trends from a few years back, like the corsets and the colour hair extensions that Holly Hagan has been wearing," she said.

But Olivia admitted: "We could probably give them jobs if they promised not to flash their boobs and stop eating cheese out of bowls."

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