Reality show The Farm could be making a TV comeback

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The Farm is reportedly making a comeback to TV after more than a decade off air.

The Farm originally aired for two series between 2004 and 2005 on Channel 5.

The show put a group of celebrities on a farm where they lived and worked together.

On the farm, the contestants had to complete typical farm work involving agriculture and animal rearing. One by one, the contestants were evicted from the farm by way of a Big Brother style public vote. At the end just one celeb was left and they gained the title of "Top Farmer".

Celebs that took part included rapper Vanilla Ice, late magician Paul Daniels, dancer Lionel Blair, and comedian Keith Harris and Orville The Duck.

TV presenter Jeff Brazier won the first series while Keith Harris & Orville the duck topped the second.

Now The Sun newspaper reports that Channel 5 is working on a revival for its sister channel 5Star.

Celebs lined up are said to include TOWIE's Bobby Norris and dancer Louie Spence.

A 10-part series - which will apparently be somewhat different to the original format - will reportedly film later this year.

“They’re hoping for some top names to do team and individual challenges to see who can most closely replicate the characteristics of the best farmers — patience, passion, resilience, adaptability and, most importantly, hard work," an insider said.

The added: “They’ll have to impress two of the UK’s top farmers to win the show.”

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