Olivia Attwood slams Chris Hughes as their split gets messy

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Olivia Attwood has slammed Chris Hughes in the fallout of their split.

Chris and Olivia got together on Love Island last summer, but their relationship was always rocky.

The pair’s romance – and break up – played out in their own TV series which aired on ITVBe earlier this month.

Now Olivia has revealed she’s got back with her ex Bradley, and hit out at Chris.

She told OK! Magazine this week: “I think Chris wants a girlfriend who is seen and not heard. He needs someone who will play second fiddle to his life and that isn’t me.

“I never trusted him. I think he messaged a few different women while we were together.”

Olivia admitted she was “wrong” to message her ex while she and Chris were still a couple but said: “Chris used it as an excuse to break up with me.”

“Given Chris’s history of flirting with other girls, it seemed unfair to push all the blame on me.”

Opening up about her new relationship, Olivia said: “[Brad and I are] seeing each other. It’s going well.

“Bradley makes me really happy, I lost my identity with Chris but I feel like I’m getting it back now. I’m hopeful that it’ll turn into something more serious, but I’m hesitant to put a label on it at the moment.”

She added: “Brad and I are very relaxed around each other. Myself and Chris were never at ease in each other’s company. With Chris, it always felt like there were conditions to his love, but Brad likes me no matter what.

“I had very little contact with Brad while I was with Chris. Chris would constantly check my phone, so we’d all know about it if I had!”

Meanwhile, Chris has moved on with a new relationship of his own.

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