Gavin Henson admits to be being both excited and nervous about The Bachelor

Gavin Henson The Bachelor

Rugby hunk Gavin Henson has confessed to being both excited and nervous about his new Channel 5 show The Bachelor. The new series will see 25 of the foxiest girls try and steal the hottie's heart , and with filming already underway in Spain, Gavin admits to being ready for the competitive girls!

"I'm massively excited about [the show], but I'm also getting nervous," Gavin tells OK! this week. "I'm going in with a genuine reason - I'd love to fall in love. I’ve been single for maybe 14 months. I do enjoy my own company, but I do think I have a pretty exciting life and I'd like to share that with someone now.


"There are moments I would love to have a girlfriend to share my life with. I look at my parents - they've been together for 30 years and I want to emulate that a little bit. I don’t want to get older on my own. I know I'd be happy, but in a way it's kind of sad as well, so I'm giving this a shot."

Gavin continued: "I hope these girls are really genuine. There'll be some group dates with eight or nine girls, then some with just two girls and by the end I have to send one home. It's going to kill me! That's the one thing I'm dreading."

Asked about his turn-ons and turn-offs, the Welsh rugby star explained: "I don't like girls who've had cosmetic surgery. I like natural beauty, so she doesn't have to do too much to herself. Looks are an instant attraction. I've got a thing for eyes as well.

"But if there's nothing to them personality-wise, after that, that quickly goes away. I'm looking at the whole package. My expectations might be a little high. I don't know, we'll have to wait and see."

The Bachelor starts on Channel 5 in September.

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