Britain's Got Talent 2018: Secret behind Marc Spelmann's trick revealed?

Is THIS how he did it?

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Marc Spelmann stunned Britain's Got Talent at his audition - but has the secret behind his trick been revealed?

He wowed the panel with a mind reading trick but just how did he do it?!


The 46-year-old magician from London amazed in the opening episode with a mind reading routine involving the panel - and his daughter.

Marc's trick involved each of the judges randomly selecting something. David Walliams had to pick a random coloured crayon, Alesha Dixon a random card, Simon Cowell a random word and Amanda Holden had to randomly mess up a Rubik's cube.

"It's not real magic, for me real magic changed two years ago, this to me is real magic," said Marc, explaining to the judges how he and his wife had struggled to conceive, before his partner was then diagnosed with cancer whilst pregnant.

But sharing a happy ending, Marc then revealed pre-recorded clips of his young daughter correctly predicting the outcome of the judges' choices.

While Simon Cowell seemed convinced it was real magic, it looks as though some viewers reckon they've 'rumbled' Marc's trick.


One viewer claimed on Twitter: "Ok, since you all want to know lol. The crayons [in] the box had one side mixed like 5 different colours. The other side was all red which she picked from. He showed the camera the mixed colours and then the other side are all red so when he shakes it they're all red anyway."

A second added (via Pretty52): "The cards - only the first few are different, after [the] first 10 the rest are probably all penguins. Simon's pen had no ink and [the book was] already circled. [sic]."

Of course that still leaves the Rubik's cube...

Whether or not those people are right we've no idea, but what is sure that Marc's trick and showmanship have proved a hit online.

Over 6 million viewers have so far watched his audition in just four days.

"I'm absolutely gobsmacked!" reacted Simon on the show. "I don't know what you've gone through Marc, trying to get the break you've been looking for. I've got a feeling this act is going to change your life, it was unbelievable."

"I've been doing this show seven years and I genuinely have never, ever thought a magic act would move me like that. You've taken magic to a whole new level," added Alesha Dixon.


What's more, Ant and Dec hit the golden buzzer after the performance, sending Marc straight through to the live shows.

Britain's Got Talent airs on ITV.

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