Billie and Sam Faiers land fourth series of The Mummy Diaries


Billie Faiers and Sam Faiers are set for a fourth series of The Mummy Diaries on ITVBe.

The Sun reports that fresh from their latest run, ITV have already signed up the pair for another series.

It follows the show pulling in some of ITVBe's highest viewing figures of the year so far.

"Sam and Billie together are a winning team and the top bods at ITV are really overwhelmed with the viewing figures," an insider told the tabloid today. "The show has been a massive success for the channel and the ratings have gone from strength to strength."

The insider added: "ITV know they're on to a winner and are hoping to lock the girls down on a multi-series deal.

"Producers are keen to follow Sam as she heads back to LA with her family as she focuses on growing her businesses Stateside."

In the meantime, series 3 of The Mummy Diaries continues tonight (Wednesday) at 9PM.

For the third instalment of The Mummy Diaries, Billie joins sister Sam in opening up her home and sharing her day to day life and experience of being a mother.

In tonight's show, Billie, Greg and the kids are back from the Maldives and Mum Sue pops round for a coffee and a catch up. Billie reveals she’s not happy with how the wedding plans are progressing and how Greg is turning into a demanding groomzilla! Sue suggests that Billie thrashes things out with Greg to get things back on track or the wedding might never happen.

Sam, Paul and the kids finally arrive in sun soaked Dubai. But a lavish breakfast on the balcony proves ‘you can take the boy out of Hertfordshire but you cant take the Hertfordshire out of the boy’ when Paul appears less than impressed with Sam’s luxe breakfast order. In Essex, Billie and Sue are planning a Parisian buying trip to get some new stock in for their shop. The girls laugh about the healthy competition between their own ‘Minnie’s Boutique’ and Sam’s ‘All bits London’ fashion line – and they’re eager to throw everything at the trip to make sure they come up trumps.

The new series airs at 9PM on Wednesdays on ITVBe and has eight episodes.

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