The Big Audition: New ITV show will reveal the 'real world' of auditions

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Away from talent shows like The X Factor or The Voice UK, a new ITV show will reveal the true reality of auditions.

The Big Audition, coming to ITV in the autumn, will follow the highs and lows of the 'everyday' audition process.

From the makers of Channel 4's First Dates, the programme will use fixed rig cameras to film as both first timers and professionals try out for their dream roles.

Whether it be modelling gigs, acting jobs and the next leading role on the West End, cameras will follow the 'real world' process.

Applications are currently underway now.

The ITV website teases: "The Big Audition [...] will give you the chance to audition in front of real casting panels for real jobs. These could be anything from presenting, hand modelling, being a body double, a football mascot, featuring in a film or TV commercial, the new face of an ad campaign, you name it!"

You must be 18 or over and applications close on April 27, 2018.

To apply visit the ITV website HERE.

Clair Breen, executive producer for programme makers Twenty Twenty, said: "We're used to seeing huge shiny floor talent competitions but rarely do we get to see what happens in the everyday audition process, away from the TV studios and the glamour.

"From the serious to the ridiculous, auditions bring out the best, worst and most competitive in people, and our fixed rig cameras were there to capture it."

Siobhan Greene, ITV's head of entertainment, said: "I have always loved auditions, but the chance to peel back the layers even further, and to do it in a fixed rig way, felt back to basics and I loved it from the moment I heard the pitch.

"I hope the audience at home will also lap up getting to see something they've only seen done on the big entertainment juggernauts, now done like this."

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