MPs consider ban over giving reality show contestants alcohol!

Big Brother 2010 eye

In news that could well hit the new series of Big Brother on Channel 5 hard, a parliamentary committee is set to debate whether or not reality shows would supply contestants with booze. The move comes after MTV reality series Geordie Shore caused controversy with its "drunken antics"

With the cast members on the latest in a line of 'scripted reality' shows ending up in drunken fights, one MP proposed a ban on such scenes on UK telly.

It is understood that the supply of booze could well violate TV watchdog Ofcom's rules over "informed consent". And we all thought that the O-word wouldn't be mentioned with the series moving from Channel 4.

Colin Shevills of alcohol charity Balance told The Sun: "Programmes like Geordie Shore trivialise alcohol misuse, suggesting that drinking to the point of getting in a fight or becoming physically ill is amusing."

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