Malika Haqq spills all on her Celebrity Big Brother experience

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Malika Haqq has spilled all on her time on Celebrity Big Brother.

The US reality star appeared on this year's latest series in January on Channel 5.


Malika lasted 29 days in the house and that, she says, was more than enough.

"I wanted out so badly and then I really stayed because of my housemates," Malika admitted. "As challenging as it was for me, I didn't want to be the reason to make it more challenging for other people.

"I was able to stick it out but at the three-week mark, I hit my limit. It was time to go."

Speaking to E! Online, Malika told how her biggest struggles in the UK house were the weather - and a lack of bottled water.

"I literally got two colds in three weeks. The weather was really difficult for me to deal with. I don't think I was really prepared at all," the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star explained. "I also think when you're mentally stressed out, your body kinda breaks down. So aside from me just being a thin-skinned Cali girl, it was really hard.

"I was exhausted. It was really tough on my immune system but other than that, all you have is time to think. So that's like rough too."

She continued: "And the craziest thing is they give you water on tap that comes out of the sink. I can't drink water out of the sink. I need bottled water. If I had known it was water out of the tap, then I wouldn't have come."


Malika went on to reveal she's not watched back her time in the house, remarking: "I lived it already. I think I got the best memories of it."

Finally, the 35-year-old ruled out returning for an All Star series, saying: "There will not be a second time around. But just for the sake of s--ts and giggles, I definitely would bring warmer clothing."

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