Emma Willis wants more fun, less rows from Big Brother

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Big Brother host Emma Willis says she wants to see more fun and less arguments from the show.

Emma has been fronting Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 for the past five years.


And she says the most recent series in January was one of the best, because there weren't many rows.

“I loved this series – really loved it,” she said in a new interview. “It was fun, thought-provoking and had a really rounded cast. For me, it had enough of the old Big Brother and new Big Brother to make it great again.”

“It gets really exhausting when they’re at each other’s throats all the time,” Emma told The Sun's Fabulous magazine.

Emma admitted she preferred seeing housemates relaxed and having fun rather than the explosive argument-filled scenes from past series.

"It had kind of become very young and much more about arguments and having stress levels through the roof," Emma suggested. “This series was a much more fun house. So if it stays like that then yeah, I’d love to stay.”

Emma will return this summer for Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother, for what could well be the last time.

As yet, Channel 5 hasn't revealed if it will be renewing the series beyond the end of the year.

And Emma is being left in the dark as the rest of us.

She said: “I’m hoping it doesn’t go anywhere, but no one’s told me anything yet. I would love it to make 2020.A nice round number and 20 years would be amazing.


“I do think that if you get Big Brother right, if you keep the essentials of what it is – a psychological experiment of how different people react in an unrealistic situation – it’s something that can keep going.

"I’m a nosy neighbour, so for me it’s perfect television.”

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