Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood get into huge row while filming reality show

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Chris Hughes and Olivia Attwood get into a huge row during the first episode of their reality show.

Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On was announced last month and will air on digital channel ITVBe from March 7.

ITV say the show will see cameras following Chris and Olivia throughout every step of their turbulent and at times tumultuous relationship as they move into a new home together.

In a first clip from the opening episode, Chris and Olivia clash over Chris’ flirting with other girls.

She rages: “Since we’ve left the villa you have been shady as f***.

“I have been pulling you up in private, I haven’t put it to anyone else, it has been behind closed doors – don’t cut me off when I’m talking.

“I’ve been pulling you up since day one.

“You literally act like a little innocent baby; you think you’re such a good boy but how many arguments have we had in private about the way you are with other girls?”

Chris replies: “Flirty? Yeah and I’ve told you I’m too flirty. That’s not me actually wanting to flirt with another girl it’s me just being too friendly. I get that.”

Olivia brings up pictures of Chris seen getting close to another girl in a night club.

Chris admits: “Yeah I was f***ing smashed that was wrong. What can I do? That was wrong.”

Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On starts Wednesday night at 10PM.

Speaking about the show last month, Chris said “Liv and I have been through so much in our relationship in the last six months that it’s hard to remember what life was like before we met in the Love Island villa.

“I wouldn’t change any of it and I’m looking forward to going on this latest TV journey with her.”

Olivia added “Life with Chris is like one big rollercoaster but it’s safe to say we’re never boring.

“As anyone who saw us on Love Island knows, we can bicker hard but we love harder so I’m sure we’re all in for an eventful series!”

Chris & Olivia: Crackin’ On airs from 10PM on Wednesday, March 7.

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