Celebrity Big Brother's Courtney Act insists THAT wardrobe malfunction wasn't staged

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Courtney Act has insisted THAT wardrobe malfunction on Celebrity Big Brother's launch wasn't staged.

It was Aussie drag star Shane Jenek / Courtney who won Celebrity Big Brother 2018 this month, beating Ann Widdecombe in the final vote.


But what most people no doubt remember rather than the final is the launch, where Courtney suffered a major dress malfunction.

Speaking to Australian TV, Courtney said: "So, I had this outfit made cause I loved the fabric - it was a top, shorts and jacket.

"So I had a floor-length skirt made the night before and I only had pop studs on it, so I took the last step... I took a breath and the press studs just popped!"

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She told Today Extra her "several layers of industrial strength tape underneath" meant she was "stopped from poking someone's eye out!"

Meanwhile, Courtney told the TV show she was glad to have spoken up about various issues such as gay and gender rights.


"I've been making political videos and commentary videos online for ages," Courtney said. "I think a lot of people listened and heard along the way."

During the series there were many clashes over the topics between Courtney and Ann.

Following the show, Shane J/Courtney has called on people to stop spreading "mean tweets" about Ann.

“I’ve heard that people are making mean tweets and comments on my behalf to Ann Widdecombe and others,” she wrote on Twitter. “I do not support any mean tweets. Please treat everyone with compassion and understanding.”

As for Ann, she hasn't been quite as supportive of Shane.

Taking aim at the winner, Ann told The Telegraph: "Shane was tiresomely one-dimensional. All he ever wanted to talk about was being gay and gay rights.

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"I have nothing against gay people at all, I just believe marriage, by definition, is between a man and a woman."

And despite not claiming victory, Ann said she still felt a winner after airing her views.


"It was a triumph of free speech," she said. "I'm not sure the viewers necessarily agreed with my opinions, but they felt I was entitled to air them, which is hugely reassuring in these days of snowflakeism when everyone's tripping over themselves to take offence."

Celebrity Big Brother will return to Channel 5 in the summer.

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