Emma Willis has no idea whether Big Brother will be axed or not

Presenter has her fingers crossed the Channel 5 show will reach its 20th anniversary

Emma Willis

Emma Willis says she has no idea whether Big Brother will be axed - but is hoping the show will hit its 20-year anniversary.

The future of the reality juggernaut is in peril after ratings for both the Celebrity and ‘civilian’ versions sunk to all-time lows last year.


Although Channel 5 and makers Endemol Shine are still in talks, the situation is so bleak that C5 bosses are already searching for potential replacements.

While she may be the face of Big Brother, Emma says she’s as clueless as all the other fans about its fate.

“I’m hoping it doesn’t go anywhere, but no one’s told me anything yet,” she told The Sun’s Fabulous magazine.

“I would love it to make 2020. A nice round number and 20 years would be amazing.”

“I do think that if you get Big Brother right, if you keep the essentials of what it is – a psychological experiment of how different people react in an unrealistic situation – it’s something that can keep going.”

The latest Celebrity Big Brother, which wrapped earlier this month, was the least-watched ever, averaging 1.9million viewers.

However, Emma said its ‘Year of the Woman’ theme, and the wider variety of housemates that came with it, made her fall in love with the show all over again.

“I loved this series – really loved it. It was fun, thought-provoking and had a really rounded cast,” she added.

“For me, it had enough of the old Big Brother and new Big Brother to make it great again.”


Two more series of Big Brother, one regular and one Celebrity, are guaranteed to air this summer before C5’s current deal expires.

In the mean time, Emma is currently working on ITV’s The Voice UK, which will begin its live shows in the next few weeks.

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