Survival Of The Fittest: Joel Bennett makes a move on Georgia Cole, but are both playing games?

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Joel Bennett makes a move on Georgia Cole in tonight's Survival Of The Fittest.

The flirtation between the boys and girls teams continue, but everyone is also thinking about the game at hand.

Joel is in the Tree House talking about fancying Georgia and whether she could save him if he was ever at risk of being Replaced.

He says: “Something could develop between me and Georgia. I do fancy her but I’m not going to suck up to save my skin… It is a competition… I need to see where her head is at. She might fancy me so would want to save me.”

Joel decides to take David to one side to speak about how he feels about Georgia, following their previous flirtation that ended rather badly.

David talks to Joel about Georgia.
David talks to Joel about Georgia.

David tells him: “She is a beautiful girl. She is a good craic when she is herself. In all honesty mate, if I was you I’d go for it. I’ll always have your back… From bro to bro, make sure she lays all her cards on the table and cover yourself. Don’t let what happened to me happen to you.”

In the Tree House, Joel says: “I think I could take on Georgia. I like a challenge. She is not easy work but that’s part of the appeal. It’s a bit of a challenge and I think it’s quite intriguing and attractive but I could hold my own.”

Joel takes Georgia outside to have a chat and get to know her. He asks for a kiss but she says she doesn’t want to kiss him in front of David.

In the Tree House, she says: “Even though I was speaking to Joel today, I still feel like David is watching me. It’s like having another pair of eyes on me.” She questions whether Joel might be trying to get her on his side should the Boys ever be at risk of being Replaced.

“I 100 per cent think Joel is playing games,” she says. “I’m the expert, I should know because I played it for a few days remember that!”

Meanwhile, David gets to know new girl Sydney.

Joel kisses Georgia.
Joel kisses Georgia.

Later, Georgia tells the Girls that Joel tried to kiss her and they question whether he might be playing a game to secure his safety.

In the Tree House, Georgia admits that if Joel is trying to play a game with her, she might just have some fun with it.

Later in the bathroom - away from David - Joel kisses Georgia. Callum walks in and witnesses it before telling the rest of the group.

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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