Survival Of The Fittest girls at war as Georgia Cole confronts Mettisse Campbell

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Georgia Cole confronts Mettisse Campbell on tonight’s Survival Of The Fittest.

Last night’s episode saw Mettisse call out Georgia and Lottie James for their comments about some of the boys.

It led to the two girls facing the axe, when the boys’ team won the latest challenge to decide who to axe.

In tonight’s show, Tristan gets a message: “Boys, either Lottie or Georgia will leave The Lodge later today. It’s time to give the Girls team some space and head off for some Boy time.”

The Boys enjoy a swim in a lake and some beers but talk quickly turns to the Survival Challenge.

Mettisse talks to Georgia.
Mettisse talks to Georgia.

David tells them: “If I’m honest, I know who I want to return and it ain’t Georgia… I don’t just hope she loses, I hope she gets absolutely wiped the floor with. I don’t want to see her return to The Lodge.

“If she stays and has any ounce of self-respect she’ll come and apologise. The thing that is messing with my brain now is who the hell can you trust. I know that I can trust you Boys and Mettisse and Maz.”

Meanwhile at The Lodge, Georgia is still rocked by someone in her team grassing her up.

“I want to find out who said this about me,” she says to Mariam. “As much as I’m playing a game which is fine, I knew I’d get burnt, but when I’m being called a snake when there is a snake in the group… We’re meant to be a Girls team. There is someone in here who thinks it’s okay to snake me… I think it was Mettisse.”

Georgia later tells Jenny: “I think it is Mettisse and when she is on about saying she believes honesty is the best policy, and she believes in confronting the people if there is anything – what is she doing?”

“I’m just going to confront her and ask what team she is on. She is sensitive but all she’s doing is causing [trouble]… All I’ve done is I’ve helped David out, he’s helped me out. If I don’t come back later on, just watch your back,” Georgia warns.

Later, Mettisse goes to talk to Georgia: “I wanted to speak to you because I felt bad about what happened yesterday… I look at you as a friend since I came in here… I went and spoke to Tristan. I confided in Tristan.”

In the Tree House, Georgia says: “Mettisse has admitted that she told Tristan that I was playing David and that’s basically why I’m fighting for my position today. If that wasn’t being stitched up, then I don’t know what is.”

Georgia says to Mettisse: “I’ve not done anything wrong. I believe it is a game I am going to try my best for the Girls to get what they want. What has upset me the most is that I thought that we actually had a good relationship between me and you and now I just think you doing what you’ve done has broken my trust and broken the Girl Code.

“You’re saying that honesty is the best way but what you’ve done, you haven’t been honest to me, you’ve gone behind my back now.”

Mettisse says: “I told you that I thought what you were doing with David wasn’t right…”


Georgia continues: “I feel so angry and upset and now I can’t be myself and that I’m going to have to be a mouse the whole time. If I win this challenge, I feel like I don’t even really want to come back to The Lodge because the lads are ignoring me as if I don’t exist, the Girls think I’m a snake and betraying you… Everyone now has this perception of me…

“You’ve gone behind my back and told Tristan about me and it’s all blew up and now I may be going home today because of the whole drama that happened last night… As a Girl being on a Girls team, I didn’t think you would have gone and done that.”

In the Tree House, Georgia says: “I think Mettisse is absolutely oblivious as to what she has done. It was a strategy to get inside the Boys and see exactly what their game plan was and what they were planning on doing next but it’s all just come crashing down. She’s ruined it now and we may be at a disadvantage.”

Survival Of The Fittest continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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